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Diana Friedeberg is a first-time author and a longtime conservationist whose work benefits the most beautiful big cats in the world.

She presented the bilingual edition of K'iben De La Selva, the story of a jaguar who faces challenges adjusting to a changing landscape. Diana weaves a breathtaking tale that is beautifully illustrated by an array of artists capturing the essence of big cats’ journey through life.

Panthera is a nonprofit organization exclusively devoted to the conservation of the world’s wild cats. A team of biologists, law enforcement experts and strategists are working together to have a positive impact on the threats facing cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, lions, pumas, snow leopards and tigers.

The NPO is on the frontlines of trying to stop poaching and conserve wild cat habitats. These strategies not only protect wild cats but protect the vast landscapes that are crucial to the health of the planet, according to the organization.

With a master’s degree in neurobiology from Duke University, Friedeberg started working for Panthera in jaguar conservation a few years ago after moving back to Mexico. Both of her parents are artists, which explains her appreciation for the outstanding illustrations in her book.

The multitalented animal rights activist, gives an example of the type of issues the big cat in her book faces, as the natural environment undergoes unnatural changes. “K'iben the jaguar comes across many problems he’s not ready to solve, such as the river is polluted and he can’t find anything to eat because as it turns out, humans have been overhunting his natural prey”.

- Excerpt from Rod Coffee for the Islander News, Key Bizcayne 2017

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