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Located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, we are the gallery with the greatest quantity and variety of artist Pedro Friedeberg's work, original and graphic, as well as sculptures and furniture. It used to be the residence of Pedro Friedeberg and Carmen Gutiérrez, current director of this project.

This acclaimed personality filled the rooms with glowing surreal details. He turned the fireplace into a majestic lion's mouth and included reliefs on the walls and other architectural elements of mythical aesthetics in unsuspected recesses.
When Galería Casa Diana opened its doors in 2002, there were only 7 galleries in, now the number rises to more than 100. In addition to being pioneers, they have managed to create an audience, stay current, and conquer collectors from all over the world.

They have an important collection of more than twenty acclaimed authors, such as Carmen Gutiérrez, Raymundo González and José Ángel Pahuamba. The work of each one of them emulates an incomparable charm thanks to their unique perspective of color, form and theme.

Friedeberg is the most recognized artist in the art scene in Mexico, and a strong reference in the international art world.
His work is present in the Louvre in Paris (Pavillon d 'Arts Décoratifs), at the MOMA in New York and the Smithsonian and has been featured on the covers of magazines such as Life, Vogue and Architectual Digest.
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